Afan W2

Today starts the weeks holiday heading over to Brechfa. On the way we stopped to take in the W2 at Afan. Last time we attempted this it was a wash out, the conditions today looked much more favourable.

Mapping out the forest

After months of deliberation I have finially purchased a GPS logging device. After looking at a few devices I finially chose a Garmin Edge 200 after realising that other GPS devices do not work with the Strava site. To test this new toy I headed over to the Forest of Dean to log some of the trails over there.

Stick in the spokes at Staunton

With Staunton I am never sure if it should be described as an XC or DH day. This time I have tagged it as DH as it was all about the descending. Staunton village in the Forest of Dean is surrounded by stunning trails which require some serious technical ability to ride well.

Daisybank dig weekender day 2

 The main plan for today was to complete the double line as well as have a little ride. When I arrived work had begun on repairing the second jump on the hip line. This took a few hours to build it up to a substantial height again.