Remember to breathe

Tonight was a little different to the riding I have been doing so far this year as we went down to Bristol BMX track. I had been thinking that my sprinting needs a little work and when invited this was the ideal opportunity to get some sprints as well as racing in close quarters to others.

Dodging the weather

After Sundays ride I decided to ride a little less this week so that I am fully recovered for the Enduro1 race this weekend. The weather has been helping as it has been solid rain so the desire to out has been minimal.

Enduro1 re-run

Rather than just go to the Forest of Dean and ride the marked trails we decided to follow the Enduro1 race route. Although I know the area I would never be able to remember the exact route so this meant using the 'follow the trail' feature on the Garmin.

Saturday club ride lead

It is a rare occasion that I make it to the club Saturday morning rides, even rarer that I lead. Since I bagged a lead in June I have been plottinga route over Cleeve to Bushcombe. Sadly the weather had other ideas and Bushcombe is a swamp.